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Manufactured Date
Context Function
A device lifted by balloon into the upper atmosphere to measure temperature, humidity, and air pressure and transmit the data to earth. Wind speed and direction were determined by means of the Loran radio navigation system.
Context Technical
The RS92 replaced the RS80, which was heavier but physically larger. The RS92-KL uses Loran navigation for wind computation. The nine weather stations in the extreme north use the SGP version of the RS92, which uses GPS for wind determination. The sensor package that measures pressure in both radiosondes uses a silicon based chip called a Barocap. They have two humidity sensors that are alternately heated to remove moisture. The temperature sensor is small to reject solar radiation loading. The Meteorological Service of Canada uses Vaisala Digicora II ground equipment with the RS92s. This equipment are able to handle Loran, VLF, and GPS radiosondses.
Context Canada
An example of the family of radiosondes commonly used by the Meteorological Service of Canada at its 31 upper air observing stations starting in 2006. A piece of meteorological equipment from a large collection of meteorological instruments used by the Meteorological Service of Canada (previously Atmospheric Environment Service) and acquired by the CSTM since 1967. MSC is the government agency responsible for collecting and disseminating meteorological data and forecasts in Canada. It was founded in 1871 in Toronto where it is still headquartered. The MSC was originally on the University of Toronto downtown campus but moved to Downsview in 1971 on land owned by UofT. The headquarters houses laboratories, research facilities and calibration and instrument maintenance facilities (now largely contracted out).
synthetic and styrofoam casing/ metal arm, wire and parts/ synthetic wire reel and parts
Number of Parts
Serial Number
Artifact Finish
White and grey casing/ white reel/ grey coated and plated metal arm/ grey wire
Artifact Markings
Raised lettering on casing top reads '[logo] VAISALA/'/ typed lettering on white paper label on side reads 'RS92-KL/ B1232153'/ black lettering on plastic label reads '[Environment Canada logo]/ HARMLESS WEATHER INSTRUMENT/ INSTRUMENT MÉTÉOROLOGIQUE à/ USAGE ECOLOGIQUE/ INFO: 1-800-726-2181'
Artifact Decoration
Black and white drawing of person and waste bin
Artifact Missing
Appears complete
Group 1
Category 1
Upper air pressure, temperature & humidity measurement
Subcategory 1
Group 2
Category 2
Upper wind speed & direction measurement
Subcategory 2
Radio & radar measure
synthetic->plastic - possible;synthetic->styrofoam;metal
41.1 cm
7.1 cm