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Numéro d'artefact
Parker Bros. Inc.
Lieu du fabricant
United States of America
Date De Fabrication
Entre 1937 - 1947
contexte Fonction
A card game for entertainment
contexte technique
A later version of the game Touring; see 1993.0338 for the mid 1920s version of the game. This game reflects the importance of the automobile & touring in everyday life since the beinning of the 20th century, when it was first created. Over time, the card illustrations changed to reflect new technology, such as car models & also delay cards. The game is played two to six players. It was first introduced by the Wallie Dorr Co. in 1906 & was bought by Parker Bros. in 1926. The game was produced until 1975 under the name "Touring". In 1962 Parker Bros. bought a license from Edmond Dujardin of France who had developed a game in 1954 called MIlle Bornes or 1000 Miles/Milestone. For while both Touring & Milles Bornes were sold by Parker Bros. In 1997, Milles Bornes was disontinued but re-released by Winning MOves in1998 under PArker/Hasbro license. Parker Bros started in 1883 & are most famous for the game Monopoly. In 1968, the company was bought by General Mills & in 1985 it was sold to Kenner, which in turn was acquired by Tonka Corp. in 1987. FInally, in 1991 Tonka Corp. became a division of Hasbro Inc. The Copp Clark Co. started in 1869 as a publisher & in the raly 1990s also began games manufacturing. They mostly acted as agents for Parker Bros. In Canada. The company ceased operations in 1998.
contexte Canada
A game distributed & probably played in Canada. Mr. Bureau bought this game at the Hershey Fair in Pennsylvania.
cardboard cards
Nombres de pièces
Fini(s) de l'artefact
white on one side, green & white on other
Marques sur l'artefact
black printed "MADE IN U.S.A." on some of the cards/ black & white card identifiers, instructions & drawings on white side of cards
Décoration de l'artefact
green & white illustration of car in forest & mountain scene, with compass ross in lower corner
Pièce(s) manquante(s)
appears complete
Groupe 1
Transports terrestres motorisés
Catégorie 1