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Pièce de satellite


Numéro d'artefact
Lieu du fabricant
Date De Fabrication
Entre 1971 - 1976
contexte Fonction
A sample of material from a satellite communications platform used to test the material.
contexte technique
An engineering test sample of "honeycomb" material used on a communications platform of the CTS/Hermes communications satellite. CTS/Hermes satellite was a Canadian designed and built spacecraft which explored the use of high power transponders at higher frequencies to expand communications capabilities in northern areas of Canada. The program was initiated in 1971 and the satellite was launched on January 17, 1976. Inaugurated on May 21 1976, it was in operation until November 24, 1979. CTS/Hermes was the first 14/12 GHz high power satellite developed to demonstrate the use of small earth stations. Innovative technology used in CTS included an extendible array of large, light solar cells to generate high power, a dynamic stabilization system allowing the satellite to remain stationary, a new design of travelling wave tube and a high powered 14/12 GHz transponder subsystem allowing utilization of these high frequencies. In its time, CTS/Hermes was most powerful communications satellite in world with its 200 watt transmitter.
contexte Canada
CTS/Hermes was a joint DOC-NASA (Canadian government Department of Communications) program and the satellite was designed and constructed by Canadian industry and government agencies. It was used for scientific and technological, space technology and communications experiments, specifically in extending communications services to Canada's remote northern areas, including two-way educational, medical, broadcasting, educational and administrative services. In addition, the design and manufacture of the more complex CTS/Hermes enabled the Canadian space industry to expand its capabilities beyond that required to develop the Alouette & ISIS satellites. CTS/Hermes led to the development of the Anik B and follow-on satellites for regional satellite coverage.
Synthetic outer layers with metal honeycomb filling
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Brown synthetic/ metallic filling
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Groupe 1
Technologie de l'espace
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Pièces d'astronef