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Numéro d'artefact
Chinook CH-6901
Do-Ray Lamp Co. (Canada) Ltd.
Lieu du fabricant
Weston, Ontario, Canada
Date De Fabrication
Vers 1971
contexte Fonction
A device used to pre-heat a liquid-cooled internal combustion engine in cold weather forbetter starting and to reduce engine wear.
contexte technique
The donor, Mr. Woytowich was the first developer of this device. He worked with Charles G. Shepherd, an industrial designer who helped to adapt the design to standard manufacturing techniques and refining the design. This heater represents another answer to the problem of starting a vehicle in cold weather, to be used instead of a block heater which needs to be installed by a professional. Also, a block heater needs a timer. Other heating devices for engines have also been invented through the years, such as lower radiator hose heaters, glue-on and magnetic oil pan heaters, “in-line” and “tank” heaters. None used the principal of an engine heater using a pumping system and capable of being installed in the heater hoses of a vehicle. This was the first. Mr. Woytowich’s design pre-heats the engine by using a pump to circulate the coolant heated by an element in the heating unit through all the cooling passages and the cabin heater. It allows the engine to be heated more uniformly than with a block heater and is controlled by a thermostat. Mr. Woytowich had been working on this invention since about 1965 and did experiments for three years with various approaches before he arrived at this design. His competitor was the Kat’s External Type Engine Heater, model K-9, with an automatic thermostat and 850 watt power. It was made by the Five Star Manufacturing Co. in Clarkedale, Missouri. According to Mr. Woytowich, it was not a good product but was still being sold in 2007. Five Star entered into a legal dispute with Mr. Woytowich but did not win.
contexte Canada
This is the first version of an in-line pre-heater invented by Walter Woytowich, a Canadian. The patent was given to the manufacturer Do-Ray Lamp. Mr. Woytowich shared royalties of 25 cents per item sold with Charles G. Shephers and also Mr. Pritchard of Bardon Research and Development Ltd., the promoter. The estimated sale cost was about $19.95 in 1971. The product was sold at Canadian Tire stores starting in 1971-1972 for $13.79. Two years later, Canadian Tire was selling it under the Motor Master brand name for $13.98. By 1978-1979, it was no longer being sold by Canadian Tire. The pre-heater was also sold at McLeod department stores in western Canada. The first year, about 100,000 items were sold and over the years, a total of approximately 1,000,000 were sold. Do-Ray Lamp Company (Canada) Limited seems to have been established in Canada around 1963 and lasted until 1988. The parent company was situated in Chicago. They had branch offices in the 1970s in Montreal and Winnipeg and were producers of truck lighting and safety equipment.
Non-ferrous metal casing and parts/ Synthetic wire covering
Nombres de pièces
Numéro de série
Fini(s) de l'artefact
Unfinished metallic grey exterior/ Black power cord covering
Marques sur l'artefact
Raised lettering on end reads 'MADE IN CANADA/ PATENTED 1970/ U.S. PATENT NO. 3626148' and '120V AC 800 WATTS/ LR - 26292 MODEL CH-6901' with indented '110180'/ Raised lettering reads 'DO-RAY LAMP. C0./ CHICAGO TORONTO/ MADE IN CANADA'/ Silver and red label with instructions in English and French
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Appears complete
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Transports terrestres motorisés
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Pièces d'automobile
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