Artifact Open Data Set: mash up the past, map the future

Tips for Using the Artifact Open Data Set

About the Data Set

The artifact data set

  • includes data for all artifacts in Ingenium's collection
  • contains more than 100,000 records
  • is approximately 332MB in size

Subsets are available for

  • each subject group; note: an artifact may appear in more than one subject group
  • artifacts stored at each campus
  • artifacts on loan to other institutions

Open Data CKAN Search Portal

You can search for subject terms by using Ingenium's open data CKAN Search Portal. The portal also allows you to browse by broad curatorial subject areas.

XML Structure

All of the data sets are encoded in RDF using a subset of the Dublin Core metadata standard as well as metadata from Ingenium's own sources.

Ingenium’s data dictionary is available for reference.

Bilingual Data

The data set is bilingual; however, some information exists only in the language in which an artifact was catalogued. Each data set can be downloaded in separate English and French versions.

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